Custom mobile application

Stand out on the web. Be creative with your website and enjoy a reputation for cutting-edge design and cutting-edge user experience. An attractive website is no longer the only way to get attention. Building web applications that make your offer as fun as it is functional is a big step towards real online success. Tell us about your great ideas today and we will get there.

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You can do a lot with your website. Businesses are often overflowing with brilliant ideas for their site, but not knowing if it is possible to implement these grand designs can put a brake on this next big initiative. With MAZE, our Web Development Agency gives businesses the power to turn their inspiration into exceptional web applications that help them shine online.

Whatever your web application needs, be it a practical event booking application, an intelligent and automated Customer Relations Management tool or an album online, our experienced developers can build it. Whether it’s an immediate feature or smart behind-the-scenes functionality, we can turn your idea into great software.


We’ve built apps that empower customers to deliver incredibly accessible cloud-based services, apps that give international users the space and tools they need to work collaboratively, apps that make it easy to manage data and reporting, as well as apps that facilitate workflows.

But, there is so much more that can be done. If there is a mismatch in the way you operate as a business, a smartly designed application could be the solution you need to create a smoother, more usable and more profitable online world… Talk to our team about your needs from today.


We may be web application development specialists, but you are the experts in your business. You know what you want your app to be, you know what you need to do with it, and you know how you want your visitors to use it.

At every stage of the process, we offer our own ideas, tips and technical skills, but we never forget who we create each application for: you and your target market. This is why each web application design project undertaken by MAZE is tailor-made and carried out in close collaboration with our unique customers. We listen above all.


Our developers work with Linux and Windows to create various applications for various companies. Our toolbox is complete, here is a small overview of the kit with which we work…

  • Back-end Tools
    PHP5, CakePHP, Zend, Smarty, CodeIgniter, C # / .NET, Objective C, MySQL, MS SQL Server
  • Fron-end Tools
    HTML4 / 5, CSS2 / 3, JQuery, Bootstrap, AJAX
  • CMS open source
    Magento, WordPress, PhoneGap, Joomla, Open Cart, ZenCart, Drupal
  • Web Services
  • Third-party integrations
    Warehouse / Inventory, Shipping Services, Accounting Services, Payment Gateways, CRM, AWS, …


De PHP / MVC, MySQL, Apache, .NET / MVC, serveur MS SQL, HTML 4/5, CSS 2/3 et jQuery, pour les frameworks d’amorçage, les structures filaires interactives, nous utilisons tous les logiciels et systèmes à notre disposition pour une application qui s’adapte parfaitement à votre entreprise.

Nous nous assurons que chaque projet que nous livrons est de la plus haute qualité. Cela signifie une cohérence totale sur tous les navigateurs, des tests utilisateur rigoureux pour garantir les performances ainsi qu’une architecture d’informations sécurisée.