Success abroad – providing first-class customer service through new technologies

Customer service must be a priority for companies wishing to expand abroad. We show how you can take advantage of new technologies to create more customer contact points, increase sales and provide excellent support after a sale.

It is very exciting for companies to open international markets. But they will only succeed if they offer first-class customer service to all users at every crucial moment.

If they don’t, it will have a negative impact on brand awareness and customer engagement. In fact, 60% of users abandon a brand due to a poor customer service experience.

Satisfied customers are known to be the best salespeople, but the reverse is also true: 87% of all users share their good experiences with others and 95% share negative experiences.

Advantages of new technologies

In recent years, companies have been able to enable increasingly diverse interactions using different technologies. As a result, there are more and more opportunities to satisfy customers and solve their problems.

And apparently, users want these technologies to be used even more often. When asked how business interaction could be improved, 60% said they wanted easier access to support channels on the web. This includes social media, community forums or live chats.

If you want to meet these expectations, you have to rely entirely on customer service technology. We show you four ways to meet the wishes of knowledgeable and demanding users.

1. Offer multiple contact options

Telephone support alone is no longer enough these days. Users want to get in touch more easily and conveniently. That's why potential customers need to be able to contact you by e-mail and online chat as well as on social networks. Each of these channels should be monitored regularly so that you can respond quickly.

2. Provide practical self-help offers

More than 90% of all users want companies to have a platform with advice on how to solve problems themselves. This can be videos on YouTube or a page with answers to frequently asked questions. But beware: Disappointed users of such a self-help portal said that the main reason was that "too little information" was available.

3. Be easily accessible to mobile users

If users want to get rid of a complaint or question, they automatically use their smartphone. You want to use the support on a website, online chat or social networks immediately. So make sure your service options are optimized accordingly. 60% of users have a more positive attitude towards a company if its self-help offers are suitable for mobile devices.

4. Provide faster support

Your customers are happy to call you when they need help, but their patience is limited. More than half of users in Brazil, the UK and Japan say they leave a hotline within five minutes. And more than half of users worldwide expect their questions to be answered on social networks within 24 hours.

Nothing is as constant as change

Technology has fundamentally changed the design and implementation of customer service. However, users' expectations have remained essentially the same: they want an excellent product, good service before and after purchase and a sense of security when it comes to payment.
Thanks to various technologies, there are now new and improved ways to satisfy users. And every company can benefit from this, regardless of its size or what it sells.

If you want to offer first-class customer service, you have to make many decisions, especially in foreign markets. MAZE explores the most suitable markets for your company, supports you in building customer support abroad and helps you plan your operations (talent recruitment, taxes and regulations, international payments, customer service and international logistics ...).

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