Summary of Google expertise

Accelerate with Google, reach your target, analyze the results and discover many opportunities.

  • Qualitative and quantitative studies of audience potential
  • Implementation of Google management tools to achieve rapid referencing
  • Analysis of attendance data and acquisition channels
  • Calculation of customer acquisition costs and optimizing profitability

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A Google expert will increase the profitability of your communication, whether digital or not. To find new customers, build loyalty or consolidate your brand, many Google solutions are at your disposal, should we still know and get the best.

Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google my business, Adsense, search console and many more are there to expand your audience, give the right information at the right time to your prospects and analyze your results. It is through a perfect mastery of these tools that our experts support you daily towards the acquisition of new customers and better profitability.

Analysis tools

Audience, Acquisition, Behavior, You need to understand how and why your customers interact with you in this or that way. This allows you to adjust advertising campaigns or modify the content of your site. Tools like test my site will allow you to test the speed and responsiveness of your website. and qualitative.

Speed up with Google Ads

Get a head start with a well-thought-out Adwords campaign. Multiply the levers of traffic acquisition with the Google search engine, remarketing, the Google Display network and Youtube. Our experts, all certified Google Partners, will send your business to the front of the stage with clear and precise announcements, benefiting from numerous information extensions (link, location, call, opinion, extract extensions site and hook). An expert in charge of managing your campaigns will make regular improvements, keep a daily watch and send you a monthly report so that you have all the information about your company.