Acceleration Program

Accelerate your project with innovative, creative digital tools driven by our experts, whose sole aim is to increase your company's performance. Increase your turnover by distributing your products / services in new markets.

  • 6 months, 1 year, 2 years.
Advice & marketing Technical platformPrice
  • On quotation.

We manage the exportation of your products to the most popular marketplaces. The data flow manager allows us to filter, optimize and manage your data to send it to any marketplace. From the installation of the products to the customer’s payment.

Our Google experts will help you increase the turnover of your website. Accelerate with Google, reach your target audience, analyze the results and discover many opportunities.

We provide tools that can help you develop your project efficiently and effectively. In order to make a difference in the market, speed and accuracy in decision-making are crucial. That is why we offer you here, at MAZE INNOVATIONS, our skills and knowledge to make your company more dynamic with our accelerator tools.


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